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The Future of Atlanta Is At Stake in Several Meetings Tonight

Do you care about the direction Atlanta is headed? Want to control your own destiny? There are important doings all around town tonight, be there to learn and/or make yourself heard. There's a little something for everyone:

The BeltLine

You've heard about it here, there and everywhere...but do you actually understand what the Atlanta BeltLine is? Jon Effron, the brains behind good Curbed Atlanta friend A is for Atlanta (and also a realtor at Sanctuary) is hosting a Beltline 101 session tonight at Sanctuary Real Estate, 300 N. Highland Ave. Be there at 6pm and get educated.

The BeltLine is also involved in an important session regarding transit implementation strategies that is happening tonight at the Friendship Baptist Church at 437 Mitchell Street SW from 6 to 8pm. Attendees will see the latest maps and analysis of potential transit corridors and will be asked to provide input on the work completed to date. Transit is a particularly crucial issue that affects literally everyone in Atlanta (we thought about it and decided this includes shut-ins and agoraphobes, who need Meals on Wheels or other lifelines to the outside world to be able get to them in a timely manner).


As you'll read about in more detail in an hour or so, the Atlanta Public School system dropped a bomb on various in-town neighborhoods this week with the release of a study exploring the system's options for addressing over-crowding and under-enrollment among a plethora of Atlanta city schools. If you have (or plan to have) school-age children, or just enjoy lively meetings between public officials and their constituents, be at Parkside Elementary School in Grant Park, 685 Mercer St. SE. at 6:30pm.