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Head-Scratching House On A Killer Lot in Sandy Springs

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This house has some really nice qualities and features. Like the rich brown and grain of the wood that covers the floor, and the still-comfortably proportioned large rooms of the modern design. But the interiors threaten to undermine the entire house. Which is saying something, because the property it's built on is amazing...the place overlooks an enormous meadow with a lovely pool smack in the middle of it. Located on Lake Forest Drive, the home has privacy and proximity to desirable locations in spades. And a 5 bedroom, 3 bath house on this much land inside the perimeter for $682,500 seems like a steal. But the strangeness going on with some of the art and rugs have really tainted this place. You tell us, Curbed readers- can they be overcome?

· 5550 Lake Forrest Drive NE [Atlanta Fine Homes | Sotheby's]