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Proper Red Brick Druid Hills Spread With a Slew of Bedrooms

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Today we journey over to perhaps Atlanta's loveliest historic neighborhood, Druid Hills. The original home of many of Atlanta's finest families, it was designed and laid out by Frederick Law Olmstead (he of Central Park fame) and developed by Atlanta real estate pioneer Joel Hurt with the financial backing of folks like Coca Cola's Asa Candler. Though this house is a more modern build, it maintains the appearance of many of the stately old Druid Hills homes (though it does not, unfortunately, sit on a particularly large lot or genteel street). It's nearly 4500 traditionally-decorated square feet are filled with space for people, including 6 bedrooms. The price was recently reduced to $925,000. There's a lot of competition in that price range in the area, so not sure how this one will fare. But a large, no-nonsense family would appear to be quite comfortable there.

· 520 S Westminster Way [Estately]