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Curbed Poll Analysis: Eternal Optimism or Willful Ignorance Keeping the Home Ownership Dream Alive

Yahoo! Real Estate recently polled 1500 current and aspiring homeowners about a host of issues related to the dream of home ownership in America. The results were all over the board, but we were stunned to see that 74% of those polled still believe buying a home is a good investment. Obviously, this question means next-to-nothing without context. But the fact that such a large percentage of folks still feel that way after the events of the past 4 years says something pretty profound: either, a) Americans are among the most optimistic people on earth, it made our country great, and will again; b) Americans are increasingly ignoring the media, and the housing crisis isn't nearly as bad as media would have you believe; or c) Americans are congenitally unable to learn from their mistakes and are thereby doomed. On another strange/interesting note, 50% of those surveyed ranked energy efficient/green-built homes as the most in-demand. You can peruse the entire study in the link below. Overall, in terms of useful, incontrovertible facts, this poll seems to supply about the same amount as other polls: none.

· Yahoo! Study: American Dream Homes Turn Green