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Disposable Building + Irreplaceable Corner = Great Development Site

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As any good real estate person knows, the key to the success of a good business is location, location, location. However, that maxim only holds true until the internets make your business obsolete (Thanks, Netflix). But from one business' demise, another may be reborn and we offer the former Blockbuster store on the corner of Howell Mill and Collier Road as the perfect location. It's currently owned by Regency Centers, so maybe they'd sell it. Or perhaps someone from there is reading this and will draw inspiration. Either way, don't be put-off by the Soviet Bloc styling of the building. It's nothing a little demo job couldn't fix and the dirt is a terrific corner lot with great visibility and access from both Collier Road and Howell Mill. The Publix shopping center behind the lot draws additional traffic, and the corner serves as the backdoor entrance from I-75 to the Collier Hills and southern Buckhead neighborhoods. This location cries out for a fast-casual restaurant where moms and dads can pick up dinner on there way home from work, school, ballet, lacrosse- you name it. Make it ostensibly healthy fare with a pleasant, if slightly vapid environment, and you'll have Buckhead Betties and Moms eating from your hand (or takeout containers). We should be in the real estate business.