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If This Is Not a Mistake, It's the Investment of the Century

This modest 1 BR, 1 BA condominium in a 1950's building in the Highlands is admittedly not much to look at. And it is being sold as-is (though the seller takes pains to stress that it's move-in ready). But it's listed for $24,900. We know, we checked. It doesn't appear to be a mistake. With the help of the Estately handy-dandy mortgage calculator, we've deduced that if you have $5,000 for a down payment, at current rates this 509 square foot home could be yours for $94 per month. While this might be standard for a tiny condo in an old building in a crappy neighborhood, we remind you that this is a short walk from some of the best parks, restaurants and walkable retail in the entire City of Atlanta. Even if you need more space than this, hell, buy it up and rent it out. Put some money in it if you have to. List it for $500 bucks a month on Craigslist and you'd rent it out in a day...then just sit back and watch the cash flow. Are we missing something?

· 830 Barnett Street NE [Estately]