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Christmas Comes Early for The Beltline (and Ponce City Market)

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The BeltLine got a nice early Christmas present (as did Ponce City Market owner/developer Jamestown Properties) with the announcement that the Atlanta Regional Commission was awarding Atlanta BeltLine Inc. a $4 million dollar grant for the construction of bicycle and walking paths to connect the BeltLine to the street near the Ponce City Market. This comes in addition to a grant previously awarded to connect the actual development to the BeltLine. The news came as Atlanta also learned that a concrete path connecting Freedom, Old 4th Ward and Piedmont Parks (a major portion of the 'Eastside' portion of the BeltLine) would be complete by next spring. Though the news of the grant is not totally unexpected, its another momentum generator for both the BeltLine and the area surrounding Ponce City Market. Apartment developers are swarming sites adjacent to the former City Hall East while AMLI Residential is already in process on putting a new multifamily development across from P.C.M. and the Masquerade.