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Best Out of Town Project By An Atlanta Firm: The Navy Federal Campus in Pensacola, FL By ASD

As part of the selection process for the 2011 Curbed Atlanta Awards, we reached out to professionals and experts in the worlds of real estate development & investment, architecture, community development and preservation to solicit their well-informed opinions on projects and programs from 2011 that are worthy of a Curbed Award. Here now is one such award bestowed in collaboration with Friend of Curbed Eric Weatherholtz, a retail and mixed-use development veteran and partner in the Atlanta firm Healey Weatherholtz Properties LLC.

The Navy Federal Credit Union is the largest retail credit union in the world, serving not just the men, women and families of the armed services and Department of Defense, but also naval contractors and other government employees. It is often ranked one of the best places to work in the United States, and having become familiar with their corporate campus in Pensacola, Florida, we can see why. Led by one of its teams from Atlanta, the architecture and design firm ASD designed the new Navy Federal campus over an approximately 7-year period, beginning with a single call center building. The finished result is a marvel of sustainable design that is at once aesthetically thrilling, a fantastic place to work and cutting-edge in its use of technology to minimize its impact on the environment. The single image above does not do it justice, we'd suggest visiting this link for a broader look at ASD's work. For all of the aforementioned reasons, we're giving it a Curbed Award. Let's hope that one of these days ASD has the chance to work on a similarly-sized palette in the Atlanta area.

· ASD [official site]