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Best Celebration of the Historic Built Environment: Atlanta Preservation Center's 'The Phoenix Flies'

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As part of the selection process for the 2011 Curbed Atlanta Awards, we reached out to professionals and experts in the worlds of real estate development & investment, architecture, community development and preservation to solicit their well-informed opinions on projects and programs from 2011 that are worthy of a Curbed Award. Here now is one such award bestowed in collaboration with Friend of Curbed Cary Aiken, a long-time advocate for historical preservation and the Morningside neighborhood; he is also currently a Board Member for NPU-F.

The rescue of the Fox Theater in 1978 was a seminal event in awakening Atlanta to the importance of preserving the historic legacy of its buildings and places. Celebrating the re-birth of the Fox 25 years later, The Atlanta Preservation Center began a tradition of bringing independent preservation and other civic organizations together to stage The Phoenix Flies: A Citywide Celebration of Living Landmarks, a vast program of community events designed to expose the public to the many treasures of the built environment in Atlanta. 2011's edition of The Phoenix Flies featured over 150 free events, with opportunities to tour sites and properties ranging from the Cathedral of St. Phillip to the BeltLine and an Architectural Tour of the State Capitol to a tour of Auburn Avenue Home Stories. The mission, thoughtful planning and incredible amount of work that goes into The Phoenix Flies- all for the benefit of the city and its people- makes it most deserving of a Curbed Award.

· The Phoenix Flies, Atlanta Preservation Center [official site]