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Nice, Big, Redone Roswell Townhouse Has a River View, But Still Seems Kind of Expensive

A couple of disclaimers: we purport to be neither experts on the Wynfield Gables re-sale market, nor the Roswell real estate market in general. But when we stumbled upon this listing on Estately it struck us that this seller has a pretty optimistic view of what this home is worth. As you can see in the photos, it appears to be a well-built brick townhome on a corner (+), and an extensive renovation is obvious given the original construction date of 1984. While the finishes can't quite be described as luxury, they certainly match up with the upper-end of 'production' housing one finds in the Atlanta suburbs in price points between, say, $350k and $500k. 3 master suites are a plus, as even a larger sized-family could be comfortable with a couple of kids bunking together. From what we can see, the river factor is kind of grey area...while the Chattahoochee is nearby, it's actually a slough that's closest to the townhomes. There's also a small lake that abuts the property, not sure if recreation takes place on it or not. We say all of this because it strikes us that in this day and age in Roswell, $469,000 or a smidge more could probably get you a newer, significantly larger townhouse with a higher finish level. And while we don't discount the sustainability of smaller domiciles, we don't usually associate this notion with the average buyer in the suburbs of Atlanta. But there are exceptions. Experts please educate us if we're off-base.

· 1050 Riverside Road, Wynfield Gables Unit 1050 [Estately]