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Yet Another Interesting Value Question On a Nice Morningside House (Prime Piece of Land Included)

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Today we take a jaunt over to Morningside, where word is that no one's heard there's a housing crisis going on. Perhaps a bit of hyperbole, but as one of Atlanta's prettiest, best-located neighborhoods with outstanding public schools, the area has recovered much more quickly than other tony Atlanta enclaves like Buckhead. But yet again we find ourselves in that no-man's land between $500k and $1mm ($720k in this case), with no firm idea of how many bedrooms that should buy. There's no doubt that the house is really nice; a very high-end renovation has taken this specimen from 1939 and put it in league with some of the new construction going up on the site of tear-downs in Morningside and Virginia Highland. The only question here is whether someone is ready to step into the $700's for 3 bedrooms (there are 3 full baths). Given the ample lot and horizontal orientation of the house, we're guessing the addition of a bedroom or 2 wouldn't be particularly difficult or outlandishly expensive. And for a piece of land like this on a street of the caliber of Berkshire, someone could do quite well down the road doing that very thing. $719,500 is the ask. It will be interesting to see how long this one is on the market.

· 1108 Berkshire Road [Atlanta Fine Homes]