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Best Ongoing Statewide Historical Preservation Effort: The Georgia Trusts's Places in Peril

As part of the selection process for the 2011 Curbed Atlanta Awards, we reached out to professionals and experts in the worlds of real estate development & investment, architecture, community development and preservation to solicit their well-informed opinions on projects and programs from 2011 that are worthy of a Curbed Award. Here now is one such award bestowed in collaboration with Friend of Curbed Cary Aiken, a long-time advocate for historical preservation and the Morningside neighborhood; he is also currently a Board Member for NPU-F.

The Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation is a non-profit body devoted to preserving and revitalizing the state's heirlooms of place, both natural and built. The Places in Peril list is in its 7th year, and the program offers the public both information about places worth saving and ways for them to do it. The tireless efforts of the Georgia Trust often go unnoticed and can certainly be taken for granted. They are more than deserving of a Curbed Award.

· The Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation [official site]