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Most Innovative, Beautiful New Home: Robert Cain's Rain/Shine House

As part of the selection process for the 2011 Curbed Atlanta Awards, we reached out to professionals and experts in the worlds of real estate development & investment, architecture, community development and preservation to solicit their well-informed opinions on projects and programs from 2011 that are worthy of a Curbed Award. Here now is one such award bestowed in collaboration with Friend of Curbed Peter Drey, the veteran architect and urban designer and a co-partner in the new multi-disciplinary green design firm d+e = design + environment launching in early 2012.

Some very green and light-loving folks commissioned Atlanta architect Robert Cain to build them a house on a 1/3 of an acre in Decatur. The name of the result- RainShine, reflects two of the innumerable green features Cain worked into his gorgeous design. Our friend Peter Drey describes the house thusly,: "a beautifully detailed model of how to create a high performance, environmentally friendly, urbane house that fits nicely into the neighborhood. It demonstrates how to creatively tackle the challenge of building in the new millenium through wise planning, careful use of materials, and attention to the psychology of space with airy tall rooms and broad areas of carefully oriented glass." The blog Cain kept on the design and construction of the house is fantastic, we've linked to it below. For building such a high-performance, sustainable residence with style also in abundance, we're awarding Robert Cain and RainShine a Curbed Award.

· Robert M. Cain Architect [official site]
· The RainShine House [official blog]