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Westside Hill Ready to Build

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[Don't let the tree scrub and gray sky fool you. Its a great view from the corner of Huff Road and Foster Street. Photo by Lee Kolber.]

For the second post of our "Please Build Here" series we offer the "Westside Hill." This vacant tract of land on the corner of Huff Road and Foster Street sits immediately behind the Westside Urban Market - the pioneering development that is the catalyst to West Midtown's rise as Atlanta's fastest growing and arguably coolest urban neighborhood.

The site's elevation gives it great sightlines to the Atlanta skyline and its a quick walk to CA's favorite Star Provisions and other Atlanta mainstays Figo, Taqueria, and JCT (or if you are going big, Bacchanalia).

With a great location and unique view its hard to understand how the property is vacant. Walton Communities bought the property in November 2009 for $1.5 million dollars with the intent of developing high-end apartments, but other than razing the old derelict building on the property, it doesn't look like much is moving.

Maybe we're just being selfish but we'd love to see a great, new destination restaurant with a fun roof-top bar. Maybe a Rathbun's Westside? An establishment like that would help reinforce the critical mass of restaurants in West Midtown and keep its reputation fresh as the spot to be in Atlanta. On the other hand, high-end apartments are making money right now and having so many great options in the neighborhood coupled with the great views could make for some very marketable apartments.

What do you think is the best use of this property?