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Vacant Lindbergh Lot Seeks Drug Dealer of Good Repute

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[Lindbergh lot is home to a nice dirt path. Photo by Lee Kolber]

For seemingly since time began (or the development of the Lindbergh Marta Center project) the pad site fronting Lindbergh Drive across from the Pike Nursery store has stood untouched. The only thing that has developed on it is a worn dirt walking path to the Marta station.

The economics of the Lindbergh project have been questionable as retail stores and restaurants have struggled with several failing, and the apartments projects adjacent the transit center have had financial difficulties during development. However, the overall project appears stabilized. The apartments are mostly built out and appear occupied.

Its time for the lonely Lindbergh pad to be developed, and we think we know what needs to go there. Its not sexy but a practical land use that serves a community need -- the land needs a pharmacy. Hello CVS and Walgreens.

The dirt is in a bit of an odd location. It lacks ready access to Piedmont and has no visibility from that main thoroughfare so any use there would likely need to rely on regular community use rather than drive-by traffic (though the opportunity to capture cross-town traffic from the Peachtree Corridor to Piedmont does exist).

That stretch of the Piedmont corridor is a desert of grocery stores and major pharmacies begging for a convenient store for a quick stop-in for cough syrup, milk and 1 lb bags of Reese's Cups. To fill this need there is nothing between the the corner of the Peachtree and Piedmont and the Monroe and Piedmont intersection (We said convenient, Sidney Marcus Target).

A pharmacy there could act as a neighborhood store to the surrounding neighborhoods of Peachtree Hills, Garden Hills and the immediate Lindbergh apartments and others as well as being a convenient option for the many Park-and-Ride folks and other Marta users.

This is probably one of the rare occasions were neighborhoods would welcome a purveyor of drugs to a vacant urban lot. Make the most of it, Rite Aid.