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We're Awarding the (Sacred) Curbed Cup 2011: Tell Us, What is Atlanta's Best Neighborhood?

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Well, dear readers of Curbed Atlanta, we're nearing the end of another year. Perhaps 2011 is one Atlanta would just as soon forget (for anyone related in any way to real estate, anyway), kind of like the last couple. But good things happened this year, too. And we're betting a good many of them occurred on the micro-scale...on your street, in your neighborhood, in our town. In the spirit of the season (and by 'season,' obviously we mean the season where the medias insist on quantifying a year's worth of people, places and things into "Best Of" lists), we're preparing to award the inaugural Curbed Cup (Atlanta edition) to the city's best neighborhood. The criteria are amorphous, determined largely by our readers. But think about neighborhoods where things are happening; places becoming more lively or beautiful; areas of town begging you to ditch your current home and move there. Beginning today, we are accepting submissions for your Neighborhood of the Year 2011. Eventually we'll put the winners in a bracket-style competition against each other for you to vote on. Send an e-mail to:, or make your nomination in the Comments section of this post. Come on Atlanta, make your opinions known. Bragging rights for the next 12 months are at stake!