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An Approachable Opportunity To Become a Virginia-Highlander

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All of the hubbub over school redistricting notwithstanding, Virginia-Highland remains one of Atlanta's most desirable neighborhoods. There are too many parks embedded in the leafy neighborhood to count, not to mention that fact that the king of all Atlanta parks- Piedmont- is also just a short stroll away. The restaurants, bars and retail are a beacon for the entire metro area. And the proximity to midtown and downtown allows folks that work in those areas a remarkably sustainable lifestyle (in a city not really known for its offerings in that department). This house didn't blow us away, but $509,900 for a renovated 3 bed, 2.5 bath on this section of Amsterdam (nicely buffeted from the traffic on both North Highland and Monroe) is a pretty attractive price point for entry into the neighborhood.

· 811 Amsterdam Avenue N [Estately]