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Your Latest Atlanta Coyote News

Atlanta can't seem to get enough coyote news. Appetites will again be sated. Today Decatur Metro has upped the coyote news ante with an excellent account of the Decatur City Commission's meeting with residents upset about recent coyote attacks on neighborhood cats. Coyote experts were present at the meeting, and provided some interesting facts. For instance, we learned that coyotes are pretty intelligent, and have territories of up to 5 square miles in urban environments. Eradicating them is not a realistic goal, so everyone seems to agree that we must learn to coexist with them. To wit, no one wants pet cats killed. But there is a pretty simple solution to the problem. If you live near a fresh water source and your cat is not afraid of people or dogs, you'd best start looking out for your cat. Because he or she may be next. [Decatur Metro]