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Occupy Atlanta Turns Its Attention to Foreclosures

Since being evicted from Woodruff Park back on October 26, Occupy Atlanta has assumed a slightly splintered existence, with some participants setting up shop at the nearby Metro Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless, while others- armed with a new-found understanding of a loophole in the Atlanta municipal code- are returning to the area on Peachtree Street near the park. Still others are beginning to fan out across the metro area to protest foreclosures they see as unjust; tonight they are taking up the cause of Brigitte Walker, an Iraq war veteran scheduled to have her home foreclosed upon on January 3rd by Chase bank. Walker suffered severe spinal damage from a mortar round attack in Iraq, and since returning home to the Atlanta area, has been dealing with the aftermath of those injuries as well as PTSD. She purchased her Riverdale home based on her active duty military salary; she has since been involuntarily medically retired from the Army and is now living on disability. Having sold her car and burned through her savings to make up the shortfall, she's now fallen behind on her mortgage and unable to negotiate with Chase or take advantage of any homwowner assistance programs, will be foreclosed upon in less than a month. Occupy Atlanta is on the way to her property tonight at 7:30p to assist her in saving it from foreclosure. Something tells us Chase may be willing to work with Ms. Walker sooner or later.

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