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Americans Increasingly Only Buying Things That Cost A Dollar

Whether you call it a recession, depression, downturn or just "shitty times," the situation our fine country has been mired in for the past 3-4 years is beginning to have a pretty profound impact on the commercial landscape. Exhibit A: there are now officially more 'dollar' stores than national drugstore chain outposts. Which is really saying something considering the number of these drugstores there are (especially those crazy corners or blocks where there's 3 or 4 within spitting distance of each other). While discount stores like Dollar Tree, Dollar General and 99 Cents Only used to be anathema to landlords looking to lease space, they're now coveted tenants given the sheer number of folks doing their shopping there. The idea that folks have been relegated to shopping for what they can afford versus what they need is depressing. Then again, they have some pretty great stuff for a buck in those places.

· Dollar Stores Now Outnumber National Drugstore Chains [CoStar]