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Another 'Above the Four Seasons' Penthouse, This Time in Color

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The residential 48th and 49th floors of the Four Seasons in Midtown contain four two story "Townhomes," and before the building boom brought Atlanta the St. Regis, Sovereign, Mansion and other ultra-luxury condominium buildings, these were among the finest high rise residences in the city. We got a look at one of them a couple of months ago and pronounced it a bit "meh." Now our good friends at Estately have clued us into the fact that the largest of the four is also on the market. While its previously-profiled sibling was a bit bland, this one resides at the other end of the spectrum with color in prodigious quantities. The fabulous-ness of the art isn't for every taste, but some it works in the generously-sized rooms. And though these photos are a little more visually forthcoming about the insane views that come with a unit like this, not a single one of the six terraces advertised in the broker babble is pictured. Fail. Anyway, 3 beds, 3.5 baths, 3675 square feet. $1,990,000. You make the call.

· 75 14th Street Unit 4830 [Estately]