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Where We Correct a New York Times Error Of Omission

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The New York Times has an interesting piece about re-purposing shuttered auto factories today with one glaring omission: mention of one of Atlanta's most intriguing developments in real estate over the past few years. So we'll provide a supplement here. You may recall that back in 2008, Atlanta's Jacoby Group (perhaps best known for its work redeveloping another former industrial site into Atlantic Station) announced it was purchasing the old Ford Motors plant in Hapeville. Rather than reviving the Ford Taurus, their intention is to redevelop it into "Aerotropolis" a massive mixed-use development that would, in part, seek to capitalize on the economic engine that is Hartsfield International Airport. While the recession slowed progress over the past few years, last summer Porsche North America announced it would move its headquarters from Sandy Springs to a new campus it will build from scratch on the old Ford site. In addition to offices and exhibition space, the new Porsche HQ will include a test track where, among other things, Porsche enthusiasts can take driving classes. While there's still a long way to go before Jacoby's Aerotropolis dream is fully-realized, if Jim Jacoby is known for anything, it's getting things done. You may now consider your piece complete, New York Times. Big fan, by the way.

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