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Well, It's Official: Atlanta's Housing Market Was / Is The Worst

As anyone trying to sell a house or working in real estate, construction, real estate finance, building materials, etc. can tell you, the real estate meltdown that accompanied this "past" recession hit Atlanta with a particular fury. But U.S. census data now shows that viewed through the prism of new building permits, Atlanta was officially the hardest hit market in the entire country. New building permits issued fell a staggering 89.6% from 2005 to 2010 in Atlanta, and some metro areas fell by over 90% (we're looking at you, Gainesville). While there were 65 other metro areas that fell by 75% or more, the distinction of being the worst is, uh, the worst. Silver lining: only one way to go up from here, right?

· Atlanta home building market nation’s hardest hit [Atlanta Business Chronicle]