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Cakes & Ale's New, Bigger Home (with Bakery) is an Attractive Space

We will, per usual, leave the actual quality of the food and drink purveyed at the new Cakes & Ale to our compadre Eater Atlanta. But focusing on the shallow as we do, let's talk about some of the aesthetics, courtesy of a sneak preview from the Green Olive Media folk. The new, larger space will feature a full bakery and coffee bar scene, pictured above. Green Olive seems to have had a hand in the interiors, and here we see an innovative application of the block-press style the Green Olivians are known to favor on the exposed brick walls. This bodes well for the sort of rough hewn-yet-refined space for gastronomical exploits that people seem to like these days. Stay tuned for full coverage of the looks of the new dining room, again, we will not comment on the food. At all.

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