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Funky Loft Townhome Downtown on the Right Side of the Tracks

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We've seen this building under construction forever and were very interested to see what the offering was all about. The listing and photos are a little rough around the edges, but you're looking at a modern, lofty 3 bed, 3.5 bath towncondo for $379,900. The place is right on Marietta Street as it winds from the West Side down toward Centennial Olympic Park, so you've got virtually the entire city at your fingertips and can also walk to MARTA. While the design is a bit spare, they haven't skimped on the interiors with real walnut floors and double stainless pro grade refrigeration. Not sure about living this close to the train tracks ourselves, but surely there's a train fetishist, er, enthusiast that is looking for that very thing.

· 638 Marietta Street [Clickscape]