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Beltline Enlarges Park, Creates Haven for Atlanta Tag Enthusiasts

Amid new uncertainties over the transportation bill that Georgians will vote on to fund many of its projects, the Atlanta Beltline announced it acquired a 1/2 acre parcel that will expand the southeast corner of the new Boulevard Crossing Park, and give the park prominent frontage at the corner of Boulevard and Englewood Avenue. Price of that 1/2 acre? $275,000. A relative bargain considering the original 20+ acres were acquired for $9 million, or about $457,000 an acre. Among other things, the new park will contain ballfields, and officials have made a point to note that there will be one for both organized sports and one for "multi-use," i.e. "rugby, frisbsee and tag." Wethinks we see a new kid's game for 20-somethings to appropriate and infuse with beer drinking.

· Atlanta Beltline Buys Land To Improve Access To Boulevard Crossing Park [Saporta Report / Atlanta Business Chronicle]