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Peachtree Hills Has No Need for Your Industrial Revolution

In the wake of the Great Recession and amid whatever jobless version of economic purgatory we currently reside, the 'green revolution' we've been hearing about seems more like a scattered green movement. So as for new, environmentally-conscious businesses, you really have to hand it to Brian Cash and his Eweniversally Green crew of sheep and goats. Peachtree Hills Park is the latest client of Cash and his assistant manager (a border collie named Pete), who lead these friendly animals in clearing as much as an acre a day of pesky weeds, kudzu, poison ivy and other unwanted vegetation, with none of the exhaust or noise of neo-traditional landscaping equipment. This is all well and good. But we feel the need to point out that the American worker is now not only competing with China, India and the rest of the developing world for jobs, but also with local HERD ANIMALS.

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