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Stylish White Provision Condo Near All the Good Food

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Jamestown Properties (and its pile of German capital) is certainly one of Atlanta's finest real estate investment and development companies, and usually they're tremendously successful. But they were not immune to the temptations of condominium building during the boom, and put a batch of them on top of their White Provisions mixed-use redevelopment project. While W.P. and its surrounding environs have become a mecca for Atlanta's foodie, art and interior decorating communities, condo sales in the project have languished a bit. Which is a shame, because as you can see above, they're very nicely done. And with 2 bed, 2 baths available at $299,900 within stumbling distance of the most excellent beer selection at Ormsby's, it seems like a 2006.

1100 Howell Mill Rd #209 [Coldwell Banker NRT]