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Insidious 'Noise of the Night' Slinking Back Into Buckhead

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Ruh-roh. Invoking the specter of the bad old days of Buckhead (when it functioned as Atlanta's quasi-French Quarter), the Buckhead Coalition is making noise about that pesky old 'noise of the night.' Apparently people are beginning to complain about (we assume) the ambient sounds of the young and inebriated as they come and go from Buckhead hooch emporia. This is a tough one. The businesses and citizenry of Atlanta do seem generally united in their desire for Atlanta to continue to grow and- maybe, just maybe- actually create some jobs and attract young talent to the city to work them. But the problem with those young cogs in the engine of the economy is that many of them like to go out and get wasted from time to time. And that necessarily involves some noise. Most vibrant cities- New York, Chicago, San Francisco, to name a few- just kind of go with it. So the idea that Atlanta wants to make one of its premier in-town neighborhoods/entertainment districts a 'quiet zone' just seems unrealistic, self-defeating, silly, stupid or lame. Or totally reasonable, what do we know? Either way, it's a tricky balance. Would you rather have some 'noise of the night,' or deathly silence all the time in your dark, empty, sagebrush-laden streets?

· Buckhead Coalition invites night clubs, neighborhoods to forum to discuss excessive “noise of the night” [BuckheadView]