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The Beltline at 5 Years Old: How Goes It?

[Assorted images of the Beltline's first 5 years, via Facebook.]

For those Curbed readers that only moved to Atlanta in the last couple of days, a brief primer: The Atlanta Beltline is a massive project re-purposing 22 miles of old railroad corridor that rings Atlanta and turning it into a network of trails, public transit and parks that better connect the city's neighborhoods. That said, the project has been underway for 5 years now, and its 'birthday' gives occasion for both celebration and evaluation. A thorough, illustrated report posted on the U.S. Department of Transportations's "Public Roads" website digs into the details. But our glib analysis? With more than half the funds needed to complete the project raised, half the right-of-way for trails acquired, 4 new parks built, some 11 miles of trail complete and an orgy of public art unleashed, we think the project is going swimmingly. Now let's just hope Georgia voters look out for their own best interests and approve SPLOST.

· The Atlanta BeltLine: A Green Future [Public Roads]