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Gracious Mod Living Nestled Into a Hill in Ansley Park

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We beseech even the most traditional house gazer to find serious fault with this elegant modern home on Montgomery Ferry in Ansley Park. Sure, concrete construction with wood highlights isn't for everyone. And one could conceivably wake up in this house and think he or she had dozed off in an IKEA. But imagine if some of the fun stuff at IKEA was actually nice and could be counted on to last more than 1.2 years. And in spite of some of the finishes and architectural details here, the place actually looks like a comfortable place to live. The luxe details are too numerous to mention, so we'll focus on the muscular stainless steel outdoor kitchen next to the pool. Who couldn't do amazing things there? In summary: new'ish modern house with 4 beds and 5 baths in a classic Atlanta neighborhood for $1.7 million. We'll take it.

64 Montgomery Ferry Drive [Atlanta Fine Homes | Sotheby's International]