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Of Censorship and Righteous Indignation in Carrollton and Creative Loafing (Guess Which Goes With Which)

Pity the actors, theater techs and creative leaders of the Carroll County Community Theater. They select a stage version of an American classic (The Rocky Horror Picture Show) for their fall production and no doubt spend all summer preparing it for the fine theatergoers of Carrollton. Sure, Georgia isn't the most progressive state. Nor is Carrollton among the state's more progressive burgs. But this is The Rocky Horror Picture Show! Some of America's most beloved weirdness and perhaps the most effective public relations tool transsexuality ever had. Well, you can probably guess what happens next. We'd bet this isn't the last Carrollton Mayor Wayne Garner has heard of this.

· Carrollton mayor proves he's squarer than Brad Majors by shutting down performance of 'Rocky Horror' [Creative Loafing]