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The Unused Work of the Architect as Art (With Cool Models)

Buildings don't get built for myriad reasons. To name a few: money problems; cowardice; politics; the unavailability of necessary technology. In BURNAWAY's critique of Site Unseen, an architecture exhibit current on display at the Spruill Gallery in Dunwoody, the author explores both the underlying architecture of these unbuilt structures and the overall meaning of their absence from the landscape. In appraising the tragedies and blessings of wasted architecture, he has some particularly harsh words for phoned-in work of some of Atlanta's larger architecture firms. And he can't resist pointing out the irony of a show about art that is inherently urban being displayed in a gallery located amid proto-Atlanta suburban sprawl.

· Site Unseen at Spruill: Exploring Atlanta’s Unbuilt Architecture [BURNAWAY]