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Vinings Residents and Cobb Officials Dare to Dream, Alleviate Traffic

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Sitting astride the Chattahoochee River and with a village square (aka the Vinings Jubilee) right out of a Norman Rockwell painting, Vinings is surely one of Atlanta's most idyllic neighborhoods. But for those that live on its edges or must commute through it, Vinings is a place in flux with awful traffic. Cognizant of these realities, Cobb County officials are working with residents and other stakeholders on the forward-looking Vinings Vision Plan. Traffic and transport are among the prominent topics being addressed. We were elated to learn that one particularly notable source of traffic- the trains that come through the middle of Vinings at a rate of 65 per day- will lessen significantly after 2012. Seems Georgia Power is converting a coal-fired power plant to natural gas, and those 25 coal trains that service it daily will no longer be needed. Clean air AND less traffic- yay!

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