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LOTS of Space to Stretch Out Downtown for Under $300k

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What would you do with over 2100 feet of gorgeous, sunny brick-walled loft space if you lived there? One could do a lot worse than the denizen of this top floor unit in the old Hastings Seed Warehouse building, which was originally built in 1913 and converted to lofts 80 years later. The 2,133 square feet of this 2 bedroom/1 bath loft can be yours for $275,000 (and $275 per month in condo fees)...but the real question is how much it costs to cool it in the summer (hot air rises, right?) Located downtown near Centennial Olympic Park, you'll have to walk, bike or jump on MARTA to escape the mainly tourist-grade restaurants and nightlife. But just imagine what you could do with all that space...

434 Marietta Street N Unit 401 [Estately]