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Connect With Curbed Atlanta on Facebook & Twitter, And Remember: We Still Want Your Photos!

Curbed Atlanta is approaching the momentous milestone of its 3 week anniversary! We say a big thanks to all of you reading us on the reg and for the kind words and tips we've received over e-mail. Just a reminder that you can have Curbed Atlanta conveniently delivered to you over the interwebs in a couple of ways. First, "Like" us on our Facebook page and Curbed Atlanta stories will be fed directly into your news feed. You can also follow us on Twitter, where we highlight and Tweet links to the day's best stories.

For all of those photographers out there (amateur and professional alike), we'd love for you to contribute interesting photos of Atlanta and the surrounding areas to the Curbed Atlanta Flickr Pool. While we can't offer monetary compensation for your contributions, we display them in vivid 500 megapixel-wide glory and always offer linked credit for submitted photos.