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Be a Semi-Rural Green Community Pioneer in Serenbe for $525,000 (Nice House Included)

Serenbe is a wonderful idea whose time has perhaps yet to come. Founded by a group led by Steve Nygren (of Peasant restaurants fame), the green community of 900 acres sits among some 40,000 protected acres in the 'Chattahoochee Hill Country' south of Atlanta. It's a lovely area, with a quaint town square, a couple of good restaurants, walking trails and a charter school in progress. On the flip side, it's kind of in the middle of nowhere, and it has a slightly empty feel, with the residential housing program/market still crippled by the real estate crash of 2008-forever. Which brings us to this lovely cottage with an open floor plan, lots of blonde wood on white paint and views of the Serenbe stables. The photos and listing show a nice home, and on its face, $525,000 for a high-end 4/3 seems like a steal. But for an area in the middle of nowhere with more than a few empty houses and a TON of unbuilt lots, we're not sure how this one's going to end up.

· 9225 Selborne Lane [Atlanta Fine Homes]