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Just the Facts, Please

Generally speaking, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution is somewhat lacking as a big city newspaper. And it's not just the shrunken size, USA Today-esque color schemes and the ever-increasing coupon content. It's the fact that this story warranted roughly the same number of words as this story. Whatever, we get it. Print is dead. But score one today for one of the AJC's best features: it's J/V with PolitiFact, PolitiFact Georgia. Using bad information, self-appointed government watchdog the Fulton County Taxpayers Foundation recently condemned the Atlanta Beltline in regards to a land deal. Today they got called on it. Transparency and accountability are entirely necessary when it comes to the Beltline (and anything else related to government and the use of taxpayer funds). But when twisted facts are employed to advance bald political agendas, they deserve to be called-out. [AJC]