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Fulton County Wants the Best for the Chattahoochee River

With the economy wheezing, tax revenues down and the "environmental agenda" under as much attack as ever, one wouldn't think these to be particularly good times for the conservation of natural lands in Atlanta. But in another banner development for the 'Hooch, Fulton County has approved the addition of 3 significant land tracts to the Chattahoochee River Linear Greenway. Two are donations, but the biggest- some 221+ acres known as Palmetto Farm- is a purchase by the county. Government waste hawks will be glad to know that the acquisition was financed by the county's sale of land and funds generated by the South Fulton Special Service Tax District. Upshots: fish will swim in clean waters; owls will hoot in undisturbed forest; and sunburned girls with tramp stamps will float the river, drink beer and smoke in peace.

Fulton County to Acquire Key Green Space Along Chattahoochee River [Atlanta Daybook]