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All Things Considered, It Really Doesn't Seem Like This Grant Park House Should Be This Inexpensive

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This one's a bit of a stumper: perfectly nice, fairly new construction craftsman in Grant Park. 3 beds, 2 baths in the main house and a really nice 1/1 above the garage. Downtown views, walking distance to the Grant Park restaurants and literally across the street from the park. Playset for the kids and lifetime membership to the Glenwood Park Pool included. Priced at $350,000, which they claim is $60k under appraisal. Assuming that is true...we know the market is depressed and that Atlanta Avenue could be viewed as a busy street, but still, what is the catch here? Seriously. We'd like to know. Hopefully it's something more interesting than "motivated seller." Perhaps it is haunted?

· 499 Atlanta Avenue [McAlister Group / Keller Williams]