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Educate Yourself on The Transportation Project List You Keep Hearing About

If you live in Georgia and have exposed yourself to any media in the past few months, you've probably been bored or confused by incessant talk about "the transportation bill, " or "the transportation tax," or "SPLOST" or "the transportation project list." Well we here at Curbed are pretty big nerds when it comes to transportation infrastructure (and Atlanta's / the entire state's desperate need for upgrades in this area). In an effort to give you maximum perspective, we've provided the handy map above and a survey of Atlanta media's takes on this week's transpo-drama, the fight over what will be on the list of final projects to be funded by the 1 cent sales tax Atlanta metro area residents will vote on next year. Each of the stories below provides a nice summary, so we'll let them do the work. We would point out that pretty much every county but one has prioritized light rail. Cheers, Cobb County- may you always be a beacon of progress.

· A fight over rail funds as transportation list deadline nears [AJC]
· New proposals to region’s transportation project list reflect local politics [Saporta Report]
· $300M rail line cut proposed [Marietta Daily Journal]
· Cobb ponders scaling back proposed light-rail as DeKalb and Clayton push for more transit [Creative Loafing]