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New Addition at Georgia Tech To Bilk Free Energy From Evil Sun

Leave it to the engineer factory over on North Avenue to begin milking that sweet, sweet solar power from the unrelenting Georgia sun (well, it just did relent, but summer was pretty brutal, yes?). Perched atop the new Clough Commons building on the Tech campus, local solar energy companies made good Radiance Solar and Suniva have partnered to install 360 solar panels and 30 solar hot water collectors on the building's roof. These glorious machines will supply much of the building's electricity and 50% of its hot water. The new building is a tribute to G. Wayne Clough, President Emeritus of Tech and current head honcho of the Smithsonian Institution in D.C. Fittingly, the solar technology underlying the equipment was developed in a Georgia Tech lab just 100 yards from the installation. What do you have to say to that, Bulldogs fans?

· Georgia Tech’s Clough Commons harnesses power of the sun thanks Radiance Solar and partners [Green Building Chronicle]
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