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Inexplicably, Atlanta Drivers Not Ranked Among the Worst

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We're all for civic pride, but very few people we know would cite careful drivers as one of the Atlanta's selling points. Aggressive drivers? Yep, we've got those, along with plenty of traffic. Hence the head-scratcher here. Traffic jams do not usually engender the patience and civility required for thousands of cars to operate safely together at high speeds. And more than a few visitors have likened I-285 to a NASCAR track (what, an 85 mph minimum in the left lane is unreasonable?) But here it is, in a reputable magazine, Atlanta doesn't even rank in the Top 12 of American cities with the worst (i.e. most accident prone) drivers. The honor for the nation's worst drivers goes, of course, to our nation's capital. Let this be a lesson: partisan gridlock wrecks cars.

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