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Shingled Splendor Near Freedom Park, Little 5 Points Drum Circle

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Love the juxtaposition here. A proper, preppy cedar-shingled house built for a big family, just a stone's throw from the glorious, ganja-scented chaos of Little 5 Points. But both preppies and hippies alike could certainly deal with having Freedom Park as a backyard. This custom-built 5/4's got all the standard bells and whistles: a box canyon of granite and rich wood for a kitchen, lots of space and an exercise room. The cherry is the killer porch with a brick hearth fireplace and wooden-beamed ceiling overlooking Freedom Park. Candler Park and its casual, approachable Par 3 golf course is a short stroll. $899,900 is certainly a lot of money, but in the grand scheme of things, not too bad for a perch like this.

· 1219 Druid Place [Atlanta Fine Homes]