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Behold The Bathroom As Art & History at The MODA

The bathroom as perceived is prone to some rather radical extremes. Bad bathrooms can be really, really bad places where really, really bad things happen. On the other hand, a really nice bathroom can transcend its traditional purpose, inspiring its owner or occupant to spend out-sized amounts of time there, or to multi-task, moving decidedly "non-bathroom" activities to that very place (see Johnson, President Lyndon Baines). All of that said, centuries of designers, engineers and craftsmen have toiled to make these very private rooms a pleasant place to conduct one's most personal business. The folks at The Museum of Modern Design Atlanta have curated the 'WaterDream Exhibition' to showcase both the evolution and the state-of-the-art of the humble (and not so) bathroom. Catch it before September 17th or you won't be able to go anymore.

· An Overview of the WaterDream Exhibition [Museum of Design Atlanta]