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An Iconic Yet Anonymous Atlanta Building & Its Interesting Architect

Atlanta residents and observant visitors alike have no doubt seen the modernist masterpiece that is the old Georgia Archives building. But how many actually knew what it was? After reading BURNAWAY's interesting feature on the monolithic building that sits at the intersection of I-20 and 75/85, we found ourselves drifting onto a fascinating tangent: the story of its architect. A. Thomas Bradbury (1902-1992) was trained at Georgia Tech, and his body of work can be found, among other places, on the campuses of Georgia Tech and Emory. Interesting detail: amid his early career in the designing of buildings, Bradbury added a law degree to his educational arsenal. The legal background and subsequent expansion of his professional network led to numerous commissions for government buildings in Georgia, the most famous of which- the Archives and the Governor's Mansion- present a fascinating dichotomy in architectural styles coming from one man.

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