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Fine Woods and Natural Light in a Castleberry Hill Loft

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In a town that wants for density, and where many favor tearing down for the new instead of re-purposing the old, a loft like this takes on a special sheen. Which is not to say that this penthouse on Walker Street doesn't stand on its own. From the tri-level atrium with a ceiling of glass to the gorgeous grain of the floors and the heft of the beams, this superbly-done 2 bed / 2.5 bath strikes a perfect balance between showing off and inviting one in. This is a party house to be sure, from the roof deck with a hot tub and expansive views of the skyline down to the Bulthaup kitchen that opens to the massive living room. Surely the $789,000 price tag is a sign of the times in Atlanta; we can only imagine that our friends at Curbed NY would be putting another zero on that number for something similar in Manhattan. Castleberry Hill may not be the West Village, but No Mas! Cantina is just down the street.

200 Walker Street [Atlanta Fine Homes | Sotheby's International]