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Vestiges of the 60's and 70's Combine (Unfortunately) on the Water in Vinings

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New Curbed Atlanta Contributing Writer Jonathan Carnright spots a new selection for TRH.

Vinings is usually associated with the scenery of the nearby Chattahoochee River, but included within its amorphous boundaries are a handful of artificial lakes that offer waterfront living at a premium. For proof, look no further than our newest inductee into the esteemed order of Curbed Atlanta's That's Rather Hideous. Since this home is almost sure to be demolished or drastically altered by its buyer (we are talking a 3 acre lot with 100 feet of lake frontage here), let us investigate the aesthetic sins of this 1965 original while there's still a chance, shall we?

The trouble starts before you can even make it through the front door. Inside the entry court you'll find an oddly copious amount of gravel complemented by...faux foliage. As in, "this looks like it weathered the elements for 5 years" variety of faux foliage. The maintenance-free greenery seems to have spawned an extended family inside the home, and furniture choices that play out like the greatest hits of the darkest years of late 20th century interior decoration. The odd collection doesn't do much to take one's mind off the drab, faux wood paneled interiors. And even a SubZero refrigerator can't redeem the cluttered disco-era kitchen.

A lounge-y area complete with curved bar that's reached via spiral staircase might have been swinging in the 60's, but the museum-grade television set signals that the party ended long ago. Of course no hideous home would be complete without a healthy dose of unfortunate wallpaper, and in this case its combination with a mirror wall means you get double dose of floral goodness. We couldn't help but notice that no bathrooms were included, then again, those are the kind of images that will haunt a person for life. While the listing says this place would be a "breeze" to update, we're thinking a tornado might be in order. 4 beds, 3 baths with (we'd imagine) some unfortunate odors included: $849,000. -Jonathan Carnight

· 2926 Paces Lake Court [Harry Norman]