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The City of Decatur Had a Pretty Good 2011

Our friends over at Decatur Metro posted an interesting piece today via Decatur District 2 Commissioner Patti Garrett's website. Garrett lists Decatur's Top 10 accomplishments from 2011, and turns out Atlanta could learn a lot from its little sibling to the east. We'll let you read the actual list for yourself, but we offer the following highlights: Decatur lured a creative, high-tech company to relocate its North American HQ to the city (see No. 4); its real estate values showed a glimmer of improvement while sales of existing homes and revenues from new building permits posted wide gains (see No. 5); and finally, Decatur continued its role as the standard bearer and example for the rest of the state in issues of sustainability, livability and general quality of life (see Nos. 5, 6, 9, 10). And while one honor eluded them, if any more evidence was needed of Decatur's strong 2011, the opening of instant classic No. 246 didn't even make the Top 10.

· City Accomplishments 2011 [Decatur District 2 Commissioner Patti Garrett]