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Poll: Should Public Funds Help Build a New Falcons Stadium? Vote Now!

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The last couple of weeks have seen a flurry of news about the push for a new Falcons stadium at the corner of Northside Drive and John Street downtown, just northwest of the Georgia World Congress Center. Heated debate has followed. Falcons owner Arthur Blank seems to have marshaled the support of various city and state officials, in spite of a general consensus among economists that while a new stadium is great for Arthur Blank and the Falcons, the benefit to the local economy and public at large is negligible. It's here that the debate splits. There are certainly those who don't want a new stadium at all, seeing it as a big waste. The Georgia Dome is, after all, just 20 years old and was recently renovated. There are also those that object to the location. But the essence of the debate seems centered around the use of public funds to build a new outdoor stadium for the Dirty Birds. While no one would seem to mind if Arthur Blank finds a way to build the thing with private funds, the thought of putting it ahead of education or infrastructure or Atlanta's many other areas of need seems to offend. As you know, if nothing else, Curbed strives to be helpful to our city and state officials. So this week's Poll o' the Week asks YOU to weigh in on the issue. For those just wading into the debate, embedded links like this and those above should get you up to speed. Voting will continue through the weekend, with results announced Monday afternoon. VOTE NOW!

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